BUKA has decided to adopt some procedures through its project TUTTO BENE.

As someone who is part of our workforce, we encourage you to read our guidelines very carefully to get along well together and to help create a serene environment of cooperation between staff and public.

We ask you to follow these good practices throughout your partnership and with everyone you interact with.

We’re certain of your support, thank you!


A Party is an environment.

It must be protected along with those who choose to join and attend it, from the staff to the people who come to have fun; before, during and after the Party.


With care and awareness.

To safeguard its environment, BUKA promotes the coexistence of different human types that are respectful of each other.

It wants to stimulate awareness regarding the various ways one can participate in a Party and the observance of mutual assistance between those who participate and those who organise, contributing to the maintenance of a safe and joyful environment, through empathy and active listening.

What is it?

It is a selected group of visually recognisable staff within the Party which is available to anyone who needs attention and support. At each venue there will be a stand in a comfortable and quiet area.


What do they do?

When, in the event of an uncomfortable situation or a negative circumstance, you are unable to experience the party the way you would like to, the Staff will help you.

The Tutto Bene Staff also facilitates the dialogue between those who participate and those who organise, helping to prevent problems and protecting the mood of the Party.

Furthermore the following will not be tolerated in any way:

Any offensive, intimidating or aggressive behaviour.

Any form of discrimination based on assumptions regarding one’s appearance, actual or perceived gender, ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation, disability or neurodiversity.

Unwanted advances or trespassing of one’s personal space – including touching, staring at or taking photos of people without their consent.


What can you do?

If you suffer/witness non-consensual activity, intrusive behaviour or unsafe situations, carried out by anyone at the party, we ask you to act proactively by immediately contacting our Tutto Bene Staff. 

Take care of yourself and those around you.

 “Let it not be Poison!” as written on Buka’s drink tokens. “Everything is poisonous. Solely the dose determines that something is not poison.” Paracelsus, Opera Omnia Medico-Chemico-Chirurgica, 1658 

, especially in states of psychological fragility, can lead to unpleasant and dangerous experiences for you and those around you. Surrounding yourself with trusted people and communicating any suspicious activity can be vital. 

If you do not feel well during the Party, inform those you trust around you or anyone of our staff and describe to them any changes in your condition or perception. Explain your state of health and what you know or suspect led to it: our staff will help you, call for assistance if needed and support you in a dedicated quiet area.

Write to tuttobene@buka.xyz when you want to talk about a particular prior experience.