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22 November 2014

Berlin: Außerhalb der Buka

Fuori dalla Buka - An independent exhibition in Berlin

Situazione: Europa

BUKA c/o Prinzessinnenstraße 19-20
Berlin – DE

22:00 – OTOLAB live
00:00 – HAUNTER live
02:00 – HEITH live

Rsvp: Fb, Ra

5 € at the door

Anno: 2014

Hallo Berlin,

BUKA is born in Milan as a sound and art event promoted only by word of mouth and beyond social networks, it develops as a collective that establishes itself in a temporary space in 2012, the historical abandoned headquarters of CGD (Compagnia Generale del Disco).

BUKA for almost 3 years took care of the renovation works of the structure and hosted events showcasing and promoting an innovative mixture of exhibitions, clubnights, audiovisual performances and renowned radical live acts.

BUKA is now moving its sound system outside its space and travelling around Europe presenting a series of site-specific events.



The first episode of its outdoor series will be held in Berlin on 22nd November in an open space in Prinzessinnenstraße 19-20.

“Außerhalb der Buka” is a selection of installations and audiovisual performances of Italian artists which in the past helped BUKA push the boundaries of the intersection between art, temporary post-clubbing experience, and live performance.


Otolab performs Dystopia
Audiovisual live performance

Dystopia in an audiovisual project which guides us through obscure and hypnotic landscapes. The dub/techno rhythmical weaving of Massimiliano Gusmini (Mud) unfolds in an ambient/noise atmosphere, generated through self-built instruments (Lumanoise) and combined with cracking e fluorecent lights by Luca Pertegato (Xo00). The visual project explores natural and urban astral territories in a constant mutation towards some kind of organic matter and constantly enveloped in a mesmeric “orbitating nebula”.


Sara Scanderebech + Luxa presents Can you (still) feel the echoes of the images?
Audiovisual live

A readapted version of “Can you feel the echo of images?”, a site-specific installation of Sara Scanderebech earlier presented by Buka and S/V/N/ at the Uovo performing art festival, achieved by collecting fotographic material of Ex CDG such as slides found in the offices, 90s fashion campaigns and private pictures.
This newer live version is enriched with footage shot inside the area of the building and the live soundtrack of Luxa. The overlaying and combining images and sounds enhance the flow of the recollections of this space, from its days of glory, through its state of abandon and finally to its rebirth as Buka, preserving its spellbinding magic and charm.


Haunter plays Neither Neither Experience Performance

Haunter is a Milan-based label specialized in cracked electronics, irregular noise and post-structuralist dance music.
“Neither-Neither experience” investigates the concept of distance: contemplated as the fundamental essence of both rave and isolationism.
By breaking down distance, hyper-contemporary society made shared experience and isolation into permanent conditions while, at the same time, depriving them of their radical energy. Only the moment of leaving, the shifting between these two states, is maintaining a level of emotional purity. The NEITHER-NEITHER EXPERIENCE takes this moment to the extreme, causing time to be almost imperceptible and loneliness to become a state of emotional transcendence, unsyncing the social and the isolated space, having them collide with each other thus restoring their initial strength.


Heith live

Founded in 2013, Heith is an open project revolving around Haunter Records co-founder and Cage Suburbia member Daniele Guerrini. The current live perfomances also include longtime friend Tristan Viecelli. Heith’s manifestations mostly involve dense layers of drones whirling around sparse androgynous grooves.